Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tequila Sunrise

Another easy mode yet gloriously tasty thing to do.

I'm growing fond of tequila. A lot of people I know have a distinct dislike for tequila. This is probably because their experiences with tequila, assuming they remember, involve something cheap and crappy - like Jose Cuervo. Fuck that. I like to use 1800 Silver. It's pretty smooth and mixes fantastically.

Right now I've noticed navel oranges are abound. Oranges must be in season or something. They're all over the farmer's market and produce section. So hey, instead of buying overpriced orange juice made from concentrate or something - go grab some fresh, cheap navel oranges and a $2 juicer.

Don't worry, oranges juice very easily unlike say limes.

Slice a couple of oranges in half
Juice those babies (you may need to clean pulp off the juicer)
Grab a glass
Add ice
Add 2 shots of tequila or whatever you want
Add the freshly squeezed, delicious orange juice.
Add some grenadine to taste

If you don't like tequila you can use rum or vodka or peach schnapps or whatever.
Fresh fruit + booze = WIN!

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