Friday, May 28, 2010

Who Says Shrimpin' Ain't Easy. on a diet. I have to be. Work is making me. No, really.
Ok, well not directly, but I have to participate in this wellness program or pay $300 more a year on health insurance. I need to drop a pound or 50 anyway.

So, right now I'm doing the weight loss thing, which requires me to be on a diet plan. Yesterday's menu called for some seafood and veggies.

Why not? Seafood is delicious and good for you.

I don't follow the meal plan directly, but I try to keep to the spirit. So, last night I made shrimp kabobs instead of citrus glazed fish or a tuna fish pita.

I went to Farmer's Market, bought way too much shrimp, red and orange bell peppers, zucchini, and corn cobs. Then I trotted down to Kroger and scored some skewers, canned pineapple rings, and marinade - yeah I used premade marinade, but no one complained.

This was my first experience peeling and deveining shrimp. Deveining is a pain in the ass but not too bad. I don't think I did it perfectly, a lot of the veins wanted to snap as I was pulling them out, but I did my best. I cut a small incision into the top of the shrimp and carefully pulled the vein out. Once I got the shrimp done, I cut up the bell peppers, onions, and the pineapple rings into skewerable chunks. I put all that in the marinade and stuck it in the fridge.

I had my roommates fire up the grill.

I quartered the zucchini into pickle-like spears and my roommate topped them with garlic salt and ground pepper and grilled them. I dehusked the corn, cut them in half, and boiled them to make corn on the cob. I picked out good corn too, they were sweet and delicious.

While the zucchini was grilling, I took the kabob stuff out of the fridge and made 8 skewers, one of which was vegetarian because I ran out of shrimp.

The meal was fantastic and full of well-cooked, fresh, in-season vegetables.

I should make low country boil with the extra shrimp I bought. Or I could make a shrimp variant of the chicken taco recipe I like to make.

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